Price*s Pimiento Cheese Spread

Unforgettable bold Flavor

Made with quality, fresh ingredients and real cheese, Price*s has been a family favorite since its founding in 1959.

taste a texas TRADITION

The sweet, tangy flavor of Price*s is always a welcome guest at BBQs, picnics, or other gatherings where great taste, friendship, and hospitality are served up.

real real good.

Convenient and versatile, Price*s tangy, robust flavor is the ideal addition to sandwiches, appetizers and other delicious recipes.

easy, pimento cheesy bites

Impress everyone at your next gathering with our easy recipes. From tasty sandwiches to delicious appetizers and beyond, Price*s makes everything better. BROWSE RECIPES

Pimento Cheese & Chicken Nachos

Gooey and spicy, pimento cheese gives these nachos a hint of sophistication.

Hero Sandwich

Transform an ordinary hero into an extraordinary culinary experience with a touch of pimento cheese.

Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs

Your guests will think you went to a lot of trouble making this flavorful and fancy favorite.

Pizza Fresca

Downtown look, hometown taste. Our Pizza Fresca is a snap to make and a treat to serve.

Harvest Sandwich

A burst of seasonal flavors and a satisfying, hearty lunch that embraces the essence of fall.

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