Our Story - Price's Pimiento Cheese Spread

the price*s story

It began with a dream. It grew into a beloved pimento cheese brand enjoyed from coast to coast.

Tradition Has
Never Tasted
So Good

The story of Price*s Cheese starts in Ft. Worth, Texas. It was during a time of potluck barbeques and card parties, when friends were greeted with cold drinks and sandwiches, and hospitality reigned supreme. It was then Mildred perfected her rich pimento cheese spread recipe, and her husband had a delicious and profitable idea.

A Recipe
For Success

While unemployed Weldon, Mildred’s husband, was traveling through Odessa, Texas when he noticed Orr’s Ready Foods in all the grocery stores. He met with Mr. Orr and sold the idea of selling his wife’s tangy pimento cheese sandwiches at grocery stores in the Ft. Worth area.


With continued success, Price*s sells to Gerber Cheese Co., a division of Nestea, for an impressive million dollars. And finally, Mildred’s famous pimento cheese spread could be tasted and enjoyed nationwide.

Selling off
The Shelves

Encouraged by the sandwich sales, Mildred and Weldon decided to package their cheese spread for sale in grocery stores. It was an immediate success.

A Rise In
Pimento Cheese

Once only a southern staple, pimento cheese goes mainstream. From pimento cheese biscuits, elevated sandwiches, enticing cheesy appetizers and even desserts, chefs and recipe developers across the US serve up more and more ways to enjoy pimento cheese spread.

A Family of Cheese

After joining a company with a history of fine cheesemaking, Bel Brands is proud to uphold the Price*s tradition of excellence. Though it is no longer made in the family kitchen, Price*s is made with the same care today as it was all those years ago. And it’s always made with real cheddar cheese, real diced peppers and real chunks of pimentos

Price*s Today

From humble beginnings, Price*s Pimiento Cheese has grown into a traditional favorite that also happens to be the best. Weldon and Mildred Price wouldn’t serve anything less to their friends, and neither should you.