(Previously Price*s Original)
    The classic taste of Texas, made with real Cheddar cheese, pimiento and salad dressing.

    Nutrition Facts
    Price's Sweet & Tangy Pimiento Cheese Spread
  • LITE

    The same flavor as Original, but with 50% less fat*!
    *Fat reduced from 7g to 3g per serving.

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  • Zesty Jalapeño

    A tradition with a twist – our original recipe spiced up with the bold flavor of jalapeño peppers.

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    (Previously Price*s Southern Style)
    Real mayonnaise adds savory flavor for a traditional homemade taste of pimiento cheese spread.

    Nutrition Facts
    Price's Rich & Savory Pimiento Cheese Spread
  • Southern Style Spicy Jalapeño

    Kicks up the homemade flavor with the taste of spicy jalapeños.

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  • Original To-Go Cups

    Take the taste of tradition on the go with this mini version of your favorite Original flavor.

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