The classic taste of Texas, made with real Cheddar cheese, pimiento and salad dressing.

    Nutrition Facts
    Price's Original Pimiento Cheese
  • LITE

    The same flavor as Original, but with less fat*!
    *50% less fat than USDA Standard Pimiento Cheese.

    Nutrition Facts
    Price's Lite Pimiento Cheese Spread
  • Zesty Jalapeño

    A tradition with a twist – our original recipe spiced up with the bold flavor of jalapeño peppers.

    Nutrition Facts
    Price's Zesty Jalapeño Pimiento Cheese

    (Previously Price*s Southern Style)
    Real mayonnaise adds savory flavor for a traditional homemade taste of pimiento cheese spread.

    Nutrition Facts
    Price's Rich & Savory Pimiento Cheese

    The American unmissable flavor bringing real Bacon in our Price*s recipe making it even more delicious.

    Nutrition Facts
    Price's Bacon Pimiento Cheese

    The perfect alliance between Pimiento cheese and Spices. It’s color and taste makes it unique.

    Nutrition Facts
    Price's Buffalo Style Pimiento Cheese