About Us

Husband and wife team Weldon and Mildred Price perfected their pimiento cheese spread recipe in the 1950s. It was a time of potluck barbeques and card parties, when guests were greeted with cold drinks and sandwiches, and hospitality reigned supreme.

Over the decades, the Price family saw their sweet yet mild spread appear in more and more grocery stores, rising from a simple family recipe direct from Mildred’s kitchen to a world-renowned brand. Though it’s no longer made in the family’s kitchen, Price*s Pimiento Cheese Spread is made with the same care today as it was years and years ago. Real cheese, real pimientos and sweet, tangy salad dressing are the same high-quality ingredients used today as were found in Weldon and Mildred’s home.

Bel Brands USA is proud to uphold the Price*s tradition of excellence, continuing the quality and freshness of the original recipe, and developing new flavors like Original, Lite, Jalapeño and Southern Style. It’s a traditional favorite that also happens to be the best. Weldon and Mildred Price wouldn’t serve anything less to their guests, and neither should you.